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SmartoBuddy Handy Remote is a 12 key RF remote to control your smart lights wirelessly. Once your Smart lights are powered on this ultra-light-weight remote can turn On the lights indepedntly,in a group or altogether as required. Set your favourite 4 scenes and transition seamlesly from one scene to another. Dim the Lights to your prefered levels. Tune the lights between 2700K (Warm White) to 6500K (Cool White). Set different colours with RGB Mode Button. A small, Easy-to-Use and powerful smart device.

Smartobuddy Handy Remote

  • Product Specification

    Product Code SB-HR-1
    Material PVC
    Dimensions L:140mm x H:50mm x W:40mm
    Input Power 2 x AAA Batteries
    Protocol RF 2.4 GHz Wireless
    Compatible RF Mode, 50 Ft Range
    Inside the box Handy Remote
    Colour Black
    Additional Spec 1 Master ON/OFF, 4 Favourite Scenes
    Additional                           Spec 2 12 Groups, Dimming, CCT Tuning &      RGB Mode
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