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SmartoBuddy 8 Smart Scene Controller is an easy to install wireless switch to create your favourite 8 Scenes. Flexibily Change your scenes as and when required and transition seamlesly from one scene to another. It can be Portable or Pasted/Screw on the wall. Scene switch names can be custom printed as desired.

Smartobuddy Scene Controller

  • Specifications

    Name Value
    Product Code SB-8S-SC-1
    Material Aluminium
    Dimensions L:86mm x H:86mm x W:10mm
    Input Power CR2032 Battery (1 unit)
    Protocol RF 2.4 GHz Wireless + WiFi
    Compatible RF Mode + WiFi Mode (Android & iOS)
    Inside the box Smart Scene Controller
    Colour Red, Grey, Black, White, Teal
    Additional Specification 1 8 Scenes, Dimming, CCT Tuning
    Additional Specification 2 Scenes Setting in RF Mode or Through APP(WiFi)Mode


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